What You Can See During India Religious Tour – An Experience You Will Cherish For Lifetime!

Rupert Harmon

What you can see during India religious tours! Well, the religious tours in India bring you host of opportunities to seek peace at any of the religious shrine. Rich in culture and traditions, India is a perfect destination to explore different religious aspects and beliefs. Housing a number of temples, shrines, gurudwaras, mosques, synagogues and churches, India shows respect for every religion. You will certainly be impressed with the rich religious culture of India.

Besides, on a spiritual tour in India, you will be attracted to the religious fervor and enthusiasm of the devotees. The way prayers are offered and the decorations are done on special occasions at the religious shrines are something to cherish in memory. However, to witness the actual flavor of a particular religion, you must plan your tour during festival seasons. Some of the popular religious festivities of India for which tourists from even the far off places of the globe arrive include Rath Yatra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Gangaur and Krishna Janmashtami among many others.

A religious tour to India will acquaint you with many diverse aspects and beliefs. You will enjoy every bit of it and would learn new things. It will not be an overstatement to say that, on a tour to India, you will be able to absorb the best of every religion and like to return to this place over and over again. A religious journey in India will truly be enjoyable for you.

1. Destinations for Religious Tours in India

On a Religious tours in India, you will absolutely be overwhelmed by the choices of the destinations which you can visit. Some of the destinations are famous for their churches, some are noted for their Hindu temples and there are still some which house elegant mosques and shrines. Besides, there are certain destinations where you will find churches, temples, gurudwaras and mosques in the same region. Some of the most sought-after religious, in particular, are listed below for your convenience. These are:

– Haridwar
– Uttarkashi
– Gangotri
– Yamunotri
– Rudraprayag
– Kedarnath
– Varanasi
– Agra
– Badrinath
– Jaipur
– Kushinagar
– Bodhgaya
– Vaishali
– Lumbini
– Sravasti
– Kapilvastu
– Kushinagar
– Balrampur
– Shravasti
– Ayodhya
– Allahabad
– Delhi
– Mumbai
– Kolkata
– Puri
– Goa
– Trivandrum
– Thrissur

2. Tour Packages for India Religious Tours:

There are several tour packages available in India. These packages try to capture the different religious aspects of the country. The packages are tailor-made to suit your need. On availing a particular package, you will be able to pay visits to some of the most noted religious destinations within a stipulated time period. Some of the packages also include complete accommodation and traveling facilities. Some of the famous religious tour packages that can be availed include:

– Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour
– Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
– Char Dham Yatra East India Temple Tour
– North India Temple Tour
– Sikh Pilgrimage Tour
– Rajasthan Temple Tour
– South India Temple Tour
– Vaishno Devi Tour

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