Air Charter Services and Options

Rupert Harmon

Air charter services are an extension of what scheduled flights offer to the general public. A jet can be hired as part of a private travel package in advance to fly off to far-off destinations at a time decided by those who charter the jet. It has become much easier for the general public to gain the same benefits got earlier only by tour operators. Both methods of air travel offer the same type of services and offers; but air travel can be less costly for groups of people and executives who have to travel more frequently than others by air.

A simple calculation would make tour operators realize that bulk bookings done on scheduled flights is likely to turn into a costly affair, and they would be spending more to air charter the plane. A vacation package, for example, would offer tourists air travel to and fro from a particular location, accommodation, meals, recreation, and travel packages on the ground. Most other expenses can be accounted for through constant monitoring; but when it comes to traveling by air, tour operators would rather sell flight tickets purchased in bulk to bring down their overheads and improve on margins.

Airlines are dutybound to give individuals and institutions discounts on group bookings. It can make a considerable difference in the rates offered for a certain air charter; and businesses, corporate houses, and institutions like schools and colleges avail of such services whenever required. Reliable private charter services do not hesitate in extending similar services to people who opt for a chartered flight as those offered to them traveling in scheduled flights.

Travelers have to be aware of a major benefit that exists in chartering a plane. Bookings can be made for scheduled flights even a few days before departure; and more often than not, the rates would be increased based on the number of bookings made. In chartered flights, the exact opposite occurs whenever an aircraft is not booked in full; and to ensure that there are no vacant seats, they would be offered at a discounted rate.

Air travel is an alternative most people prefer, because it saves a great deal of time and offers comfort levels that can beat most other means of transport. Margins are on the lower side for an airline offering clients air charter services; however, when it comes to receiving the best rate or other benefits not offered in a scheduled flight, the client stands to gain.

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