7 Crazy Clever Ideas for Things To Do On Road Trips

Rupert Harmon

Every person on Instagram knows that there is nothing that looks more fun, beautiful, and adventurous than jumping in the car and taking a road trip. The ride isn’t all about filtered photos, though. Getting to your destination is more than half the fun because your get to spend uninterrupted time in the car with those you love most. But, what are you supposed to be doing with said people after conversation topics run out? Don’t fret; just try out these 7 crazy clever ideas for things to do on road trips.

1. Create a memories jar and fill it with memories written on the back of receipts from each place you visit

Something you can do that’s fun is to keep each receipt you get on the way to your destination to add to a memories jar. If you stop in at a famous burger joint, write the date and city on the back of the receipt then add a funny little memory from that experience. Keep all of these in a sealed jar to open a year after your road trip.

2. Check out the tackiest tourist spots

Of all of the things to do on a road trip, this one is probably the most fun. Who else do you know that can say they have also seen the world’s largest wall of cheese or statue of a pickle? (Sadly, these are not real landmarks, but wouldn’t they be amazingly tacky if they were?)

3. Bring silly props for your photo ops

Maybe you have a sombrero that you want to wear in all of your photos next to the cheesiest landmarks, or maybe you’d rather bring along a life size cutout of Will Ferrell for fun!

4. Go old school and play Mad Libs in the car

A tried and true car game that’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys, Mad Libs is easy to play, travel friendly, and gets the old noggin jogging.

5. Create a Travel Scavenger Hunt checklist sheet for the kiddies

Add to the scavenger checklist things like blue flowers, a pink car, a dog, and a red bird.

6. Choose a tacky souvenir from each destination

In addition to the line of tacky things to do while on a road trip, choosing a tacky souvenir from each city to start a collection is a ton of fun. Things like shot glasses, refrigerator magnets, and coasters are cheap, easy to find, and act as great conversation starters in your home.

7. Ditch your smart phones and listen to an audiobook in the car

In the age of the smart phone and technology, it can be easy to disconnect from your travel partner and just zone out as you scroll through Facebook and Twitter. Instead of ignoring your travel mate, why not listen to an audio book in the car together? When it’s time to stop off for meals, you’ll have plenty to talk about.

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